Valleyfair's Performance Out of the Park Challenge

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Performance Out of the Park Challenge

Kelsey Megard |
March 24, 2020

Every spring, Valleyfair welcomes countless performing groups to the park as a part of our Performance in the Park program. With students studying from home, we want to share that happiness now before the park opens.

Grab your phone and record a video of yourself singing or playing an instrument and post it on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #Valleyfair or tag us @ValleyfairMN. We will take your videos and share them across our channels.

How to Perform OUT of the Park:

  1. Practice. Or don't. This is just for fun! 
  2. Set up your phone and hit record. 
  3. Share with us using #Valleyfair or tag us @ValleyfairMN.

Be sure to follow along to see what other awesome songs these ladies will be singing! Video features: Justine Bergevin, Katie Partridge, and Alyssa Cassada.