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Passholder Open House

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Passholder Open House

Passholder ValleySCARE Open Houses

September 24 & October 1

September 24
Take a private tour through Haunt's most famous maze, The Chateau. Join us on September 24, between 12-3 PM as we walk through the many rooms of this Renaissance Castle that is quirky by day, and enchanted by night. All of our friendly vampires are awake during the day to take you on a historical journey through this extravagant mansion.

October 1
Come to our special Season Passholder-only Open House for The Great Pumpkin Fest October 1. Between 12-3 PM enjoy exclusive viewings of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," snap a few photos with Snoopy and indulge in some sweet Halloween treats.