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The Great Gazebo Get-Together

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The Great Gazebo Get Together at Valleyfair

The Great Gazebo Get-Together

Ignite your competitive rivalries between your friends and family with lip sync battles, lyrical showdowns, scavenger hunts, yard games and more! The Great Gazebo Get Together is guaranteed to make your visit to the park this summer really sizzle! Join our hosts for FREE games, activities and challenges all day long! Put Mom to the test to see how well she really knows you or challenge dad to a game of corn hole. These activities are ever changing and will keep you on your toes every time you decide to join in! We are sure this adventure will make some of the greatest memories of the day and our Gazebo Stage offers a great place to sit down and relax between rides. You can find these entertaining activities at Gazebo Stage every day between 10 AM and 6:30 PM. It's non-stop fun at the Great Gazebo Get Together!

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  • Location
    Gazebo Stage
  • Run Dates
    May 19 - May 20

    May 26 - May 28

    June 2 - September 3
  • Show Times
    10:00AM - 6:30P