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Valleyfair - The Twin Cities’ Amusement Park | Minnesota ...
There's so much to discover at Valleyfair. Come visit the greatest amusement park in Minneapolis, Valleyfair, for adventure and excitement today!
Theme Park Deals | Season Pass Perks & Benefits | ValleyFair
With a ValleyFair Season Pass, enjoy unlimited visits and exclusive theme park deals. Get season pass perks and benefits online today!
Delirious | New Family Thrill Ride | Valleyfair
Valleyfair is turning things upside down with Delirious, a 70-foot looping thrill ride for its 2018 season.
Valleyfair is turning things upside down with Delirious, a 70-foot looping thrill ride, coming Spring 2018!
Valleyfair Tickets and Season Passes | Valleyfair
Save time at the gate when you purchase Valleyfair tickets and Season Passes online. Buy Valleyfair tickets online to get the best deals!
Renegade | Valleyfair
Twists, turns, speed and the Old West are top features of Renegade – our world-class wooden roller coaster.
Dining and Drink Deals | Valleyfair
All Season Dining, All Day Dining, Souvenir Bottles and more. Fuel your fun with dining deals at Valleyfair!
Valleyfair Hours | Valleyfair
Planning a visit to Valleyfair? View our up-to-date calendar of operating hours so you can plan your next visit.
Flying Eagles | Valleyfair
You control your ride, from mild to wild! Take flight in unique carriages that spin outward like a swing and rise above the ground.
Rider Height and Safety | Valleyfair
While you're having fun at the park, Valleyfair is committed to your safety. View terms and tips to stay safe during your visit!
Delirious | Thrill Rides | Valleyfair
This season, make your way to Valleyfair's Route 76 and board Delirious -- the high-intensity 24-person train capable of completing 10 revolutions in less than a minute!
Corkscrew | Valleyfair
Unrelenting speeds and loops are the twists you find on this coaster in the center of Valleyfair.
Thrilling Rides & Activities | Roller Coasters | ValleyFair
Seeking thrilling rides and activities? Get your fix at ValleyFair, one of the best Minnesota attractions. Check out ValleyFair roller coasters and more!
Amusement Park Tickets | Daily Admission | ValleyFair
Find the best deals on amusement park tickets to ValleyFair. Buy tickets online and save on daily admission to the park!
Raging Rapids - Soak City | Valleyfair
This rough whitewater tube ride will have even the most brave at heart holding their breath until the end.
Contact Us | Valleyfair
Thank you for your interest in Valleyfair. This request page has been developed to aid you in getting answers to your questions. Contact us here!
Wild Thing | Valleyfair
Valleyfair's hyper-coaster features one of the world's largest weightless zones and a 200-foot, 60-degree drop!
Directions to Valleyfair | Valleyfair
Need directions to Valleyfair? Check out our interactive map and get directions from your door to the park. Plan your trip today.
4th of July BBQ Event | Independence Day Celebration ...
Let us handle the BBQ for you! Enjoy a delicious July 4th BBQ menu including pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ ribs, cajun chicken quarters, corn on the cobb and more!
Scrambler | Valleyfair
Riders spin clockwise while the ride rotates counter-clockwise. No doubt you will be scrambled after enjoying this Valleyfair classic ride!