100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass

Why should you have a Season Pass to Valleyfair?
Here are our 100 favorite reasons.
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  1. Unlimited visits all season long
  2. Submerge yourself in unlimited visits to Soak City Waterpark
  3.  Free parking each time you visit
  4.  Entry to exclusive Season Passholder events
  5.  Best seats in the house! Early entry to Soak City Waterpark
  6.  All Season Dining Plan available exclusively to Season Passholders
  7.  Special local and national online offers exclusively for Season Passholders
  8.  Pays for itself in just 2 visits
  9.  Hang around for the entire day or just a few hours - the choice is yours
  10.  Guaranteed fun since 1976
  11.  Two parks, one pass
  12.  Save 10% on food and beverage purchases
  13.  Save 10% on merchandise in our shops
  14.  Special offers for your BFF during Bring-A-Friend days
  15.  Free Entry into Dinosaurs Alive!
  16.  Special pricing on season pass renewals
  1.  A chance to break out your dancing shoes
  2.  Sing every song in our Karaoke catalog
  3.  Never miss a performance with a dozen live shows on four performance stages
  4. The return of All Wheels Extreme
  5.  Light up the night with 4th of July Fireworks
  6. Snoopy's Birthday party
  1.  Unlimited visits to ValleySCARE
  2.  2 parks, 140 days and endless possibilities
  3. Kids Days!
  4.  Corn Feast: 3 days & 30,000 pounds of corn on the cob
  5.  Family movie night at Midway Movies
  6.  Hot Dish & Hops - A celebration of two of Minnesota's favorites
  7.  Conquer your fear of the dark during ValleySCARE
  8.  Walk with Dinos After Dark
  9.  See the park 13.1 miles at a time during the Run & Ride Half Marathon
  10.  Food Truck Festival - One day, over a dozen food trucks
  11.  Dollar Days. Big thrills, little bills
Family Fun
  1.  Less screen time, more scream time
  2.  Be the Best Dad Ever
  3.  Beat the heat with a Soak City cabana
  4.  Awkward family photos
  5.  Being a kid doesn’t have a height requirement
  6.  Your next family adventure is closer than you think
  7.  The family that plays together, stays together
  8.  Kids tested, Passholder approved
  9.  Sunday drivers! Get behind the wheel of Antique Autos
  10.  The kids will sleep all the way home
  11.  Travel back in time at Old Time Photos
  12. FREE Pre-K Pass 
  1.  Nothing says summer like an ice cold Coca-Cola
  2. Shake things up with our new signature shakes
  3.  Funnel Cake! Enough said
  4.  Top your own burger with countless combinations at Coasters
  5.  Sky high swirl cones at Cool & Creamy
  6.  Get a Taste of Valleyfair at the park's very own food truck
  7.  Fuel your fun with more than 25 dining locations
  8.  Icee Mix It Up any way you want
Moments & Memories
  1.  People watching
  2.  Fall colors
  3.  Be inspired
  4.  Happiness is…
  5.  Feel the wind in your hair
  6.  #FOMO
  7. The cure for the Summertime Blues
  8.   100,000 steps on your Fit Bit
  9.  Minnesota Nice
  10.  #SquadGoals
  11.  Be Joe Cool all summer long
  12.  Because, the views! Everything looks better from 275 feet
  13.  #VFBestDay
  14.  You deserve it
  15.  " I would rather clean the house" - said no one ever
  16.  Best. Summer. Ever.
  17.  Explore the great outdoors
  18.  It's a summertime thing
  19.  Snoopy selfies
  20.  That moment with bae on top of the Ferris Wheel
  21.  No more tan lines
  22.  Whatever your reason
Shopping & Games
  1.  Three words: Giant Stuffed Gorilla
  2.  More time to master Ring Toss
  3.  Take the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled challenge
  1.  Ride Renegade 5,000 times
  2.  Nearly 3.5 miles of track on 8 thrilling coasters
  3. Reach for the stars in 2017 on the new North Star! 
  4. Biggest pool party of the summer at Soak City Waterpark
  5.  Pick your favorite horse on our historic 1925 PTC Carousel
  6.  All aboard! Take a ride on the Minnesota River Valley Railroad
  7.  Free fall from 180 feet on RipCord
  8.  Take the plunge on the two tallest side-by-side waterslides in the country
  9. Twists with a serious bite
  10. Swing through the clouds
  11.  Have your fun by land, by air or by sea
  12.  Look down at the sky on Corkscrew
  13.  Dog Days of Summer
  14. National Roller Coaster Day
  15.  Get your kicks on Route 76
  16.  Find your way to victory lane at the Peanuts 500
  17.  Help Snoopy defeat the Red Barron
  18.  Come face to face with a T-Rex
  19.  Go barefoot at Barefoot Beach
  20.  0 - 60mph in 2.5 seconds
  21.  H2OMG at Soak City
  22.  Because here, it's ok to be lazy
And here are a few more reasons from our friends.