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Behind the Front Door

Kelsey Megard |
October 17, 2017

For over eleven years at ValleySCARE, The Chateau has outlasted all other mazes. Not only has the Chateau endured, but one of its most infamous characters has remained since the beginning.

When stepping up to the massive silver doors surrounded by gauntlets of fire, the first vampire to greet you is not a vampire at all. The Butler of the Chateau has been kept alive by his vampire overlords for the sole purposes of luring in ValleySCARE guests.

The Bulter greets visitors with a friendly yet eerie charm that comforts concerns as he opens the grand doors of The Chateau. Once safely inside, the Butler's personality takes a turn as he frightens guests down the hallway to his hungry vampire masters.

Todd Reutter created the Butler persona twelve years ago. Initially, when the character was cast back in 2006, Todd didn't know what position he wanted. The operations manager at the time asked him what he was good at and Todd knew that he could talk and interact with crowds which is how they decided to put him at the front door at the Chateau.

Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show was the initial inspiration for the Butler role, but Todd decided to give the character a classy upgrade. He went out and bought his suit which he still uses today. "Guests, especially season pass holders, appreciate the fresh look," Todd said. 

The character progressively evolved throughout the seasons although the classic grey face with black veins remains the same year to year. Todd jokes that guests don't know if he is a vampire or if he is a zombie. The Butler character has never been named outside of his position.

Todd always loved dressing up for Halloween and going trick-or-treating. He also was involved in the theater program in high school. "It was great opportunity to put my two favorites together. After a while, you can't go trick-or-treating anymore, so it was a great opportunity to go out and act but still be a part of Halloween," Todd said.

So the next time you’re lured into the vampire’s lair of the Chateau, just know you’re in good hands… at least until the door closes behind you.