Find Group Activities and Host your Group Outing at Valleyfair!

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ValleySCARE tickets are SOLD OUT for Saturday, Oct. 16. Tickets and Season Pass reservations are available for future dates.

Endless Fun for Groups of All Kinds and Sizes

We take care of all the details. You take all the credit!

Need to plan an epic, awesome, great day for your group, but don’t have time or where to begin? Valleyfair has you covered! We offer a wide array of group experiences that can be tailored for your needs – plus, employee exclusive offers on group ticket sales.

You tell us about your group or event type and we can make it happen: youth groups, student field trips, corporate events, team meetings, celebrations, grad events, family reunions and much more. Do you have an extra-large group to entertain? With our group buyout, you rent the entire park for the day – just for your group. How awesome is that?

We also have specialty events that give students an opportunity to shine, such as performance competitions and music festivals. Certain days are devoted to students’ interests, such as Engineering Day, Marketing Day, Education Day and more.

To make your event completely turn-key, we also offer catering services. Leave the meal planning, preparation, serving and clean up to us!