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Valleyfair Receives Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award

Kelsey Megard |
October 4, 2017

Valleyfair received the Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award for the second year in a row by Jeff Ellis & Associates. Valleyfair ranked in the top 12% the Aquatic and Risk Management Consultant's 650 clients worldwide.

"We are proud of our associate's hard work this season," Brad Marcy, General Manager for Valleyfair, said, "The safety and security of our guests is our top priority, and it is great that our aquatics team goes above and beyond to ensure guest safety."

Lifeguard scanning and attentiveness, lifeguard and supervisor performance while on duty, and the team's ability to implement the Emergency Action Plan are key metrics that measured for this award.

According to Jeff Ellis & Associates, International Aquatic Safety Awards are presented annually to participants in E&A's Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program (CARMP) and are based on the results of multiple random Unannounced Aquatic Facility Operational Safety Audits throughout the year. These audits include undercover video surveillance of individual lifeguards while they protect their Zone of Protection areas, to accurately evaluate their professional diligence.

Additionally, individual and team basic life support and rescue skills are evaluated, along with simulated emergencies that measure the effectiveness of established Emergency Action Plans. The audit concludes with administrative, supervisory and facility evaluations.