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Genius Valleyfair Hacks


Valleyfair is the Upper Midwest's largest amusement park, offering endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment.

Stay Hydrated
Part 1: Get a Souvenir Cup: Choose between an All-Day Drink Refill or All-Season Drink Refills. Either way, these cups pay for themselves in no time. HACK: If you purchase them beforehand online they are less expensive than purchasing in the park. The All Day Drink Refill plan is only $11.99 online. That means it pays for itself in less than 3 refills.  You just have to wait 15 minutes between refills and you get unlimited drinks all day long. Think about it – when you’re walking around all day you’re going to get thirsty. This is by far one of the best investments of the year.

Part 2: Bring a Sealed Water bottle: Valleyfair allows guests to bring in one factory sealed bottle of water per person. No one wants to have to leave the park early due to dehydration, so it is incredibly important to stay hydrated throughout the entire day. Instead of spending your well-earned dollars each time you’re thirsty, simply refill your water bottle throughout the day. 

Take Advantage of the Free Mobile App
Valleyfair offers an app to make life easier from start to finish, take advantage of that! Start with the car finder so you never forget where you parked. Pinpoint your parking spot with the Valleyfair app and enjoy your day in the park. Use the park map to plan the best route for your family to take and make sure you don’t miss out on any rides! View the ride details for each attraction for height requirements, thrill level, and more. This app even allows you to purchase dining deals, souvenir drink bottles and more in order to provide an effortless, all-in-one experience.

Check out the Special Events and Entertainment
Throughout the summer, we know you’re looking for fun things to do in the Twin Cities area. That’s why we’ve created family-friendly events and entertainment that add to your exciting day at Valleyfair. When you’re looking for a break from the rides and thrills on the midway, a Valleyfair live show is the perfect option. Visit our website before your visit to plan which of our many awesome shows you want to see. All of the entertainment is included in the price of your ticket, so why not get the most bang for your buck? There are also some awesome events going on throughout the summer, many of which are free and offer great SWAG. Whether you plan your visit specifically around an event or it just so happens to be during one, you’ll definitely want to check the awesome activities we have planned for the summer.

Bring Ziploc Bags
Whether it be Soak City, Thunder Canyon, or The Wave, there’s no shortage of water rides at Valleyfair. A day at the park can be quickly ruined when a cell phone meets its demise during a water ride. Make sure to save your hard earned cash by taking this simple precaution to protect your precious phone. There’s no need to invest in pricey water resistant phone cases. Just plop your phone into a sandwich size Ziploc bag, make sure it’s sealed, and enjoy peace of mind the entire day. 

Arrive Early to Avoid Lines
The lines are the shortest right when the park opens, so take advantage of that! Hit all the rides that will have the longest lines at the beginning of the day so you can avoid the longest lines at peak times. There’s also no shame in riding rides two or three times in a row. Why wouldn’t you? You can even go home and nap for a few hours in the afternoon and return to the park in the evening when most other guests are getting tired and heading home.

Start in the Back of the Park
At Valleyfair, everyone's first instinct is to walk left toward the Wild Thing. But if you head toward Planet Snoopy first, the lines will be much less crowded. Hit High Roller, Renegade, and Excalibur before heading back toward the front of the park. Make a mental note of the direction people tend to go and try to head the opposite way.

Don’t Let the Rain Spoil Your Trip
Some attractions may close in bad weather until conditions permit safe operation, but more often than not if there’s no lightning, there’s no stopping these rides. Attendance is light when there’s a chance of rain and a lot of visitors leave when it begins to sprinkle. But any Minnesota native knows that in half an hour the sun could be back, plus most rides continue operating in light rain. Keep a poncho on hand and enjoy a show, meal or shopping until such weather passes. 

Pack Your Lunch
Valleyfair offers a wide variety of delicious dining options at various restaurants and food vendors throughout the park, but if you’re looking for Valleyfair hacks, we’re going to be real with you. You may leave the park and parking lot at any point during the day. Which means you can pack a picnic in a cooler with ice packs to leave in your car and eat at a nearby park. There are beautiful city parks and picnic grounds for guests to use that are located about 1/2 mile west of Highway 101 from Valleyfair. Homeward Hills Park is only about 2 miles from Valleyfair and Staring Lake Park is around 2.5 miles away. Please remember to hold onto your receipt so you may re-enter the parking lot without having to pay again. 

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Valleyfair is the Upper Midwest's largest amusement park, offering endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment.

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