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How to Take the Perfect Valleyfair-gram


Valleyfair is the Upper Midwest's largest amusement park, offering endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment.

We won’t downplay it – coming to Valleyfair is a BIG deal. And if you’re planning on coming to the park you, without a doubt, need some sort of documentation. Aesthetically awesome documentation. But how? 
If you’re looking for ways to capture that perfect Instagram shot, look no further. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help. In fact, you won’t even need to lug your DSLR to the park with you. All photos shown are of real people – with real Instagrams.

Phone Camera Tips

Burst Mode: Raw speed at Valleyfair is an asset we definitely take pride in, after all, we have some of the fastest rides in the Midwest! But it can be frustrating if you’re trying to capture some great still shots of a moving coaster. Thankfully, your phone’s “burst mode” is great for capturing those action shots. By holding down the camera button, you’ll be able to take multiple shots within different frames to capture the ideal image.

Photo credit: @madireimer also pictured: @altakeller

To Zoom or Not To Zoom?: Depending on where you’re situated in front of your subject, it’s important to know that zooming in for a close-up almost always creates a blurry picture! The more you zoom, the more pixilated your image will look.

Try to overcome the urge to zoom into any subject and be as close as possible to the people/objects you’re shooting. Instead, find unique angles or use the cropping tool in order to achieve a beautifully balanced photo like this one.

Photo credit: @laurelstreed

Editing Apps: Editing apps are HUGE right now, and it’s no wonder why! These apps create beautiful effects and filters that can make an ordinary photo stunning. One of the most popular apps right now is HUJI, which creates distressed, nostalgic photos with the touch of a button. Nostalgia is a big theme right now at Valleyfair, so there will be tons of locations and backgrounds where you will be able to snap a creative pic.

*Please remember, for the safety of our guests and associates, cameras of any kind are not permitted on rides. Never enter restricted areas, and please obey all posted signs, gates and fences.

Photographing within the Park

Photo credit: @xvemodx

Timing:  We all know that timing is everything. But did you know the best times to take photos in an amusement park are in the morning or an hour before sunset? Why? Because there will still be natural sunlight but without the blinding glare that will hide your subjects. By taking photos at these times, you increase your chances of a more natural look with a good balance of brightness from the sun.

Photo credit:@isaacsant3

Be Prepared: Always have your phone ready at all times (but NOT while you’re on a ride). You never know when Snoopy will make an appearance or when a cool photo opportunity will arise.

Photo credit: @mrsjaims

Plandids: These are one of the best-kept secrets of all successful Instagram accounts: Planned Candids (A.K.A. plandids). Just have a friend snap away while you pretend to have fun doing normal activities. These make for some of the most authentic photos and will provide great memories of the park.

Photo credit: @avalund

Props: Valleyfair has some great options for props you can use for your photoshoot. Not only are there numerous Snoopy statues throughout the park, be on the lookout for delicious food, cute prizes, and souvenirs that will take your next Instagram to a whole new level.

Photo credit: @jayciegowens

Background Patrol: As you’re walking around the park, it’s beneficial to keep an eye out for good photo spots. For example, Route 76 has some new beautiful hanging lights that add a whole new vibe to your photo – especially when using portrait mode. Make sure to go at dusk to get the best lighting!

Photo credit: @tylerokaycool

Professional Pics

For those who don’t enjoy taking photos, do not fear! Valleyfair has you covered professional photographers at the front of the park. Make sure you pose for the camera when you’re entering for a fantastic photo op. Better yet, check out your ride photos after Wild Thing, Corkscrew, and Renegade for some hilarious snapshots.

If you follow these quick and easy tips, you’ll surely receive all the likes when it comes to your next Instagram post. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #AwesomeLooksLike so we can see all of your beautiful Valleyfair-grams! So come out to Valleyfair and start capturing the thrills!

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Valleyfair is the Upper Midwest's largest amusement park, offering endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment.

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