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Food Truck Fridays at Valleyfair

Valleyfair |
May 23, 2018

Whether you are looking for savory or sweet, experience Minnesota's top mobile culinary experiences every Friday through June 15th at Valleyfair. In a battle between mashed potatoes, gyros, ice cream, BBQ, and beer, the only loser is your waistline. These delicious food trucks will be at Valleyfair throughout the entire day so you don't have to pick just one meal! Enjoy delectable desserts or savory a hearty meal, either way, there is something for everyone at Food Truck Fridays!

Here is just a preview of a few of the fantastic food trucks that will be at Valleyfair this summer!

Pharaoh’s Gyros

Voted the #1 food truck last year at Valleyfair’s Food Truck Fest, Pharaoh’s Gyros was happy to make another appearance. Serving gyros, falafel, salads, hummus, cheese curds and baklava, this food has earned its impressive reputation. Chef Thabt Mohamed said their most popular food is their Gyros, which he assured us are the best in the biz.

Signature Item: Gyro

Xstream Cuisine

Next up is Xstream Cuisine, whose specialty item is the delicious Jerk Chicken Wrap. Along with their specialty wrap, they also serve a variety of items such as curry chicken, Xstream burger, curry goat, veggie bowls and even cheese curds. If you are interested in finding this unique food truck, you can them on Twitter and Facebook to discover their rotating locations.

Signature Item: Jerk Chicken Wrap

DelSur Empanadas & Lomitos

According to Chefs Nicolas and Diego at DelSur, they are the only Argentinian food truck in Minneapolis to make their empanadas entirely from scratch and handcraft them individually. Their staple food is their empanadas which they serve with a variety of sauces and carrots. Each empanada features a tiny DelSur logo on the crease, so you’ll always know the amount of time an effort put into your delicious meal.

Signature Item: Empanadas

Rollin’ Nolen’s BBQ

As a family owned and operated business, Rollin’ Nolen’s BBQ is proud to say they make all their own spices from scratch. With a wide variety of menu options, this place is sure to leave you completely satisfied. If you’re craving some good BBQ but missed them at Food Truck Friday, they can usually be found at the Capitol.

Signature Item: Pulled Pork Sandwich

If you missed out on your favorite food truck this week, don’t worry! Many of the trucks featured during Food Truck Fridays will be returning during the ultimate Food Truck Fest which will take place June 16 & 17. Not only will your favorites return to the park, you’ll also get the chance to experience over a dozen different food trucks featuring Minnesota’s greatest mobile cuisine. Top-rated and award-winning trucks will fill the park with smells and tastes that nobody could possibly resist!