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Soak City Makes a Big Splash for Safety

Valleyfair |
May 26, 2018

Do you ever wonder, ‘How does Soak City prepare for a safe operating season?’ Well, you’ve come to the right place. All aboard the Soak City Sailboat, where we have an answer to all your cra ‘sea’ questions.

Opening Saturday, May 26, Soak City is sure to make a big splash for all guests who visit the park during Memorial Day Weekend. We have spent many months preparing for this opening, making sure it will be a great way for guests to cool off and beat the heat all summer long. Our maintenance team has been working on a long-term specified set of planned actions. Here is what they have been up to:
•    Draining the water out of the pools and slides.
•    Inspecting, cleaning and repairing all parts of the slides, pools, loading platforms and queue lines.
•    Inspecting, repairing and replacing all inner tubes, floats and mats as needed.
•    Reintroducing fresh water into the attractions and rigorously inspecting and testing the water levels, pressure, and flow rates to ensure they are within operating limits.
•    Refining water sanitation systems and bringing the water to the proper chemistry levels.

When the water park is deemed ready for operating season, all attractions are inspected by local and state regulatory authorities as well as an outside third party safety agency. 

But wait… There’s more!

Each operating day the water park’s maintenance and operations teams inspect and test every moving component of every ride. All inspection points must be passed before the ride can be opened to our guests.  If an item does not pass, it is repaired before the ride opens. This way, we are able to safely enjoy our favorite rides every day!

Not to mention that Valleyfair received the Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award for the second year in a row by Jeff Ellis & Associates in 2017. Valleyfair ranked in the top 12% the Aquatic and Risk Management Consultant's 650 clients worldwide.

Finally, park associates do a test run and ride each attraction to make sure everything is operating as it should. If you’re worried about ‘unsanitary’ water (if you know what we mean), worry not! The water in the park is regularly tested for appropriate levels of sanitation throughout the day.