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Awesome New Dining Plan Options

Kelsey Bailey

Kelsey joined the Valleyfair team in 2017 as PR and Communications Manager. She enjoys eating endless funnel cakes, riding Renegade multiple times a day, and telling all the wonderful stories about the inner workings of Valleyfair. Twitter: @kelseymeagrd.

Fueling your adventurous spirit takes a lot of food! Lucky for you, we have dining plan options that will keep you full all day, every day. Save yourself some time and DOWNLOAD our 2019 Dining Plan Guide now.  

What are Valleyfair's Dining Plan Options?

All Season Dining 

Stay fueled all season when you add the All Season Dining plan to your Season Pass. For one low price, enjoy one (1) lunch and one (1) dinner every time you visit in 2019. Only a 4-hour interval between meals. Drinks not included. Guests with All Season Dining will automatically have it added to their Season Pass. Sold online or at the Admissions Building.

All Day Dining
All Day Dining includes an entrée and a side every 90 minutes throughout your visit and one snack for the day at participating restaurants. Drink not included. Guests with All Day Dining voucher will receive a wristband at any participating location. Sold online, at the Admissions Building or participating dining locations.


What meals are available on Valleyfair's Dining Plans?

Beach Bites
Also available in our cabanas.
• Cheeseburger Basket
• Chicken Strips Basket
• Jumbo Fried Shrimp Basket
• Hot Dog (2) Basket

Chicken Shack
• Hand-Breaded Chicken Strips Basket
• Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich Basket
• Chicken Wrap Basket
• Crispy Chicken Salad Basket

Chickie’s and Pete’s
• Pete’s Famous Philly ½ Sandwich & 8 oz. Crabfries
• Chicken Cheesesteak ½ Sandwich & 8oz. Crabfries
• Chickie’s Cutlets & 8 oz. Crabfires

• Cheeseburger Basket
• Bacon Cheeseburger Basket
• Hand-Breaded Chicken Strips Basket
• Hand-Breaded Chicken Strip Sandwich Basket
• Gluten-Free Bacon Cheeseburger Basket
• Veggie Burger Basket

Depot Refreshments
• Rotating Menu
Ask for Dining Plan Options 
Check out the awesome new restaurants and chefs that will be taking over Depot Refreshments. 

El Taco Mercado (Formerly Sidewinder Burrito)
• Minnesota Tacos, Bag of Chips & Salsa
• Carnitas Tacos, Bag of Chips & Salsa
• Pollo Tacos, Bag of Chips & Salsa

Nordic Waffles
• Gothenburg Waffle w/ Kettle Chips
• Viking Waffle w/ Kettle Chips
• Chicken ‘n’ Waffle w/ Kettle Chips

Northwoods Grill
• Brisket Sandwich Basket
• Pulled Pork Sandwich Basket
• Charbroiled Turkey Leg
• Hot Dog (2) Basket

On a Stick! (New Food Location in Soak City)
• Chicken on a Stick w/ Bag of Chips
• Shrimp on a Stick w/ Bag of Chips
• Veggies on a Stick w/ Bag of Chips
• Bacon on a Stick w/ Bag of Chips

Planet Snoopy Grill
• Gluten-Free Chicken Strips Basket
• Personal Pizza Basket
• Cheeseburger Basket
• Hot Dogs (2) Basket

• Jumbo Pronto Pup w/ Bag of Chips

Roasted Corn
• Charbroiled Turkey Leg & Corn

Route 76 Hot Dog Stand
• Hot Dog (2) w/ Kettle Chips
• Giardiniera Dog w/ Kettle Chips

• Any ½ Sub Sandwich w/Bag of Chips

Taste of Valleyfair Food Truck
• Rotating Menu
Ask for Dining Plan Options

Fryer Tucks’s Home Made French Fries
• Chicken Strip Basket
• Fryer Tuck’s Veggie Basket
Mama Chetta’s Pizzeria
• Pizza Slices (2)
• Pizza Slice (1) & Breadsticks (2) or Side Salad
• Pasta & Breadsticks (2) or Side Salad
• Italian Chopped Salad & Breadsticks (2)

What are the All Day Dining Snack options?

Cheese Curds
• Fryer Tuck’s Home Made French Fries
• Northwoods Grill

• Prontos

Cinnabon® Classic
• Cinnabon®

Dippin’ Dots, Regular
• Dippin’ Dots Carts

Fresh Cut French Fries
• Fryer Tuck’s Home Made French Fries

Kettle Korn, Large
• Roasted Corn

Mini Donuts, 1 doz.
• Nordic Waffles
• The Sweet Tooth

Pretzel with Cheese
• Auntie Anne’s
• Various Carts

Pretzel Poppers
• Various Carts

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Kelsey Bailey

Kelsey joined the Valleyfair team in 2017 as PR and Communications Manager. She enjoys eating endless funnel cakes, riding Renegade multiple times a day, and telling all the wonderful stories about the inner workings of Valleyfair. Twitter: @kelseymeagrd.

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