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Halloween Help from Goodwill

MinneMama Adventures

I'm Nicki {insert handshake}, an avid adventurer and mother of three {insert exhausted head bob}. As an advocate for kindness, a preacher of positivity and a firm believer that family comes first, I want you to feel confident that adventuring with kids shouldn't slow you down. Rather, it should bring you up. Now let's go on an adventure!

With three kids, coming up with Halloween costumes that please them all without driving myself crazy is one of the most daunting parenting tasks of the year. There have been years when we’ve had to run to party shops and makeup stores, borrow pieces from friends, sew, glue and cut until late into the night of October 30. While I enjoy the idea of costumes, I’m always looking for a shortcut. So this year, we all piled in the car and headed to the Goodwill Halloween Headquarters to see what we could come up with. And this mama and her three extremely particular ducklings left that store SO extraordinarily happy!

With all the time we saved at the Shakopee Goodwill, we treated the kiddos to a day at Valleyfair’s Great Pumpkin Fest too. It was a fun and full FEST of a day – read on to follow our day…

If you want to do the one-stop shopping method (which, why wouldn’t you?), I definitely recommend visiting your local Goodwill and raiding the racks. Their selection of full costumes and costume pieces, wigs, makeup, and accessories was awesome, and they have everything neatly contained to a Halloween Headquarters area.

Our kids spent an hour raiding the racks – costumes separated nicely so they can be searched by character, genre or size. We walked out after an hour with three awesome costumes:

A Pirate, complete with an eyepatch, belt, bandana, necklace and a parrot for his shoulder. And the shirt we had to snag from the women’s aisle but it couldn’t be more perfect!

A Black Cat, which was very simple with black pants, a black shirt, a tail, cat ears, press-on whiskers and cat-specific makeup.

A Ninja, with the coolest ninja shirt ever, a face mask and a sword with throwing stars (I’ll regret THAT decision for a 3-year old come Halloween night).

Before we decided on those, we debated over a $4.99 Queen, a $9.99 Elsa, a $6.99 Spiderman, a $6.99 Power Ranger and a $4.99 Knight. The prices of everything made me happy, especially compared to so many of the party stores out there.

So if you’re like me and the idea of costumes is more enticing than the hunt to actually locate them, just head to a Halloween Headquarters at your local Goodwill. Your kids will LOVE it – and so will your pocketbook!

Since we were down in the Shakopee area, we decided the cool weather would be ideal for a day at Valleyfair, especially since it was the first day of The Great Pumpkin Fest. This festival happens every year inside the amusement park during the last month of Valleyfair’s season (the 2019 Great Pumpkin Fest runs from Sept 21-Oct 27 on Saturdays and Sundays only from 12-5pm).

 In addition to all the amazing rides and entertainment Valleyfair has to offer, kids can dress in costume (or not) and do some trick or treating in the Soak City Water Park space. They collect games, stickers, pencils and healthy snacks and then have the option to do some crafts or play some games, run through a super tiny corn maze or watch a show starring costumed Peanuts characters. It’s a fun bonus to the fall atmosphere inside Valleyfair.

The Great Pumpkin Fest at Valleyfair is sponsored by Goodwill and The Crayola Experience MOA.

And while you’re at Valleyfair, be sure to walk around and see some of the phenomenal decor hanging about the park…some scarier than others! If you need some pointers for what to do at Valleyfair with small kids, check out my blog post: The Ultimate Family Guide to Valleyfair.

Tickets are as low as $29.99 so be sure to check it out today! Our kids never get tired of Valleyfair – and adding a Halloween theme into the mix is just icing on the cake!

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MinneMama Adventures

I'm Nicki {insert handshake}, an avid adventurer and mother of three {insert exhausted head bob}. As an advocate for kindness, a preacher of positivity and a firm believer that family comes first, I want you to feel confident that adventuring with kids shouldn't slow you down. Rather, it should bring you up. Now let's go on an adventure!

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