Construction Updates from Valleyfair

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Construction Updates from Valleyfair

Kelsey Megard |
April 29, 2020

While most of the Valleyfair team is working from home, a few members of our maintenance team and outside contractors still preparing the park for operation while following local and national health directives. It is your lucky day because we are going to take you behind the scenes to show you some of the construction projects that have been happening over the offseason. So strap in and enjoy this sneak peek. 

North Star and Front Gate Bathroom Renovations

You will not recognize the Front Gate and North Star bathrooms that received an HGTV worthy renovation over the last new months. 

Dinos Store is now Lakeshore Landing

The gift shop for Dinosaurs Alive is currently being renovated into Lakeshore Landing - the perfect place for your next family reunion, company retreat, or any other event you may want to organize. This spacious area can be designed to fit any gathering, meeting, or catering needs. Let our friendly and helpful event staff make your group's special day a great success without stress or worry. Contact us here if you are interested in reserving this space. 

High Roller Airtime Hills

High Roller's airtime hills are getting some tender loving care to give you that awesome floating feeling on your way back to the station!

New Front Gate Coke Refresh Station

The Coca-Cola Refresh station near the front gate was removed, and in its place, our team has built a larger and more efficient building. 

New Corn Cart Building

The Corn Cart is no longer a cart because our foods team designed a new building specifically for this location. Once all construction is completed, guests will be able to watch kettle corn pop and ears of corn roast through giant glass windows.

We want nothing more than to reopen our park and welcome you back, but our priority for now is to keep everyone safe. This is a challenging time for us all, and we thank you again for your understanding and loyalty to Valleyfair. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes preview and we hope to see you soon!