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Valleyfair Associates Gain Experience Across the Country

Kelsey Megard |
August 18, 2020

It has not been a typical summer for any Valleyfair associate. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) matter remains a part of our daily lives, we have had to adjust to a new way of life. Some of these changes have been difficult, but many Valleyfair associates were presented with a new and exciting opportunity to work for another Cedar Fair park. 

Many Valleyfair associates over the age of 18 traveled to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO, and Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, this summer. We've chatted with a handle of the nearly 50 associates who accepted this opportunity to learn about their new work experiences. 

Julie - Bloomington, MN

Julie jumped on the opportunity to continue working for the Cedar Fair family while Valleyfair was waiting for an opening timeline. She had worked for Valleyfair the past six years, so it felt like a tradition to keep working at an amusement park. Julie and a team of Valleyfair associates traveled south to Worlds of Fun for three weeks to work with their rides team. After those three weeks, Julie and crew packed up their bags and headed north to the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point, where they are still working today. 

"I like experiencing the different atmosphere of being in a different state. There are different things to go do in the area that I would not get to experience in Minnesota," Julie said, "I have also made friends with people at the different parks, and from different departments from Valleyfair."

Julie has embraced the opportunity to work at a different park and has made an excellent effort to explore as much of her new communities as possible. 

"I would recommend it just to experience being out of your state. There is so much to learn by being at these different parks and learning how they do the operation," Julie said, "The only downside to being away is I get homesick easily, but I have some great friends from Valleyfair here to make me feel like I am home!"

Tyler - Savage, MN

You have probably seen Tyler running around near Valleyfair's front gate sometime during the last six years. He is most well known for wearing his infamous pirate hat during Halloween Haunt while supervising the busy admissions building. Tyler also was excited about the opportunity to continue his theme park work at other Cedar Fair parks for the 2020 season. 

Tyler traveled south to Worlds of Fun to assist the park in preparations for their Opening Day. "My favorite part about working at Worlds of Fun was being able to see their behind-the-scenes operation and how it compared to Valleyfair's," Tyler said, "It was a great experience working alongside familiar Valleyfair associates in a new environment and a chance to see how other parks operate."

The team from Valleyfair made the most of their time off in Kansas City by visiting the Kansas City Zoo, WWI Museum and Memorial, and local restaurants.