Valleyfair's 5 Most Popular Amusement Park Rides of 2019

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5 Most Popular Rides of 2019

Kelsey Megard |
January 14, 2020

Can you guess which roller coaster gave the most rides this season?

At Valleyfair, everyone has their favorite ride! Whether you love screaming on at the top of Wild Thing or taking the charge on Excalibur, it's impossible to ride on any of these attractions just one time. Our associates keep track of how many rides are given at each attraction every year, and it's time to breakdown the stats for the 2019 season. 

And the winner is...


5 - High Roller - 446,272 riders

4 - Corkscrew - 450,575 riders

3 - Renegade - 496,730 riders

2 - Steel Venom - 498,628 riders

1 - Wild Thing - 800,788 riders


2019 was the year for Wild Thing! Can a different ride take the crown in 2020? Comment below to let us know which rides you want to see with the highest ridership in 2020!