Fathers of Valleyfair

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Fun Dads Who Work at Valleyfair

Kelsey Megard |
June 19, 2020

Father's Day is this Sunday - here is your reminder! Even though we can not celebrate in the park the way we would have wanted, you can still take the time to show Dad how much you care by sharing a favorite memory with him or creating a handmade card. This year, we want to introduce you to some of the awesome dads who work at Valleyfair.

Raul Rehnborg - General Manager and Vice President

My favorite part of being a father is seeing my kids grow. I am most proud of my kids and my family. When you become a parent, that becomes the most important thing in your life from that day forward. Spending time together and making life long memories (we like to travel) is always the goal.

Being able to see my kids having fun at the different amusement parks I have worked at is so special. Whether it was the Theme Park, Waterpark, Haunt, or WinterFest, they always felt like VIP's and made me feel proud of where I worked.  

Working in the amusement park industry can take up a lot of time, and being apart during some of their sports activities was the hardest. My kids played multiple sports, and I wasn't always able to make it to all of their games, but when I did, they definitely knew (and heard) I was there!

My favorite thing about my kids is their personalities. I like that they are confident in themselves and not afraid to try anything new. They have a strong sense of family, and I am excited to continue to watch their journey in life.

Matt McCormack - Marketing Director

I love getting to spend time with my daughters, watching them grow into amazing, young women. There are so many fun times at Valleyfair with our family! We love to rent a cabana, spend the day in the waterpark, and mix in some rides along the way. Of course, we can't go without a funnel cake! 

I think that we are lucky that, for the most part, some flexibility is built into a typical busy season at work. While we might miss a Memorial Day BBQ, getting to spend an evening after work at the park with my family more than makes up for it. 

I can't pick one favorite thing about my kids. Each of my daughters is a unique, passionate, and intelligent person. It is incredible to watch them grow up. I hope that we can leave a more perfect and just world for them to one day lead!