Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at Home - Valleyfair Style!

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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at Home - Valleyfair Style!

Kelsey Megard |
May 21, 2020

Looking for things to do in Minneapolis this Memorial Day Weekend? Look no further! We have put together the perfect Memorial Day Weekend activity guide that will make you feel like you've spent the day at Valleyfair. 

Get Cooking

We have a variety of delicious recipes on our blog that are perfect for Memorial Day Weekend, but let's be honest. Is there anything more American than Spam? We are giving you an exclusive look at our new Spam on a Stick recipe along with tips and tricks on making Spam on a Stick at home. 


Create Your Own Waterpark

Memorial Day Weekend is usually when Soak City Waterpark opens for the season, providing an endless amount of sun and splashes. It won’t be Soak City, but you’ll appreciate the cooldown. Practice your slippin’ and sliding with a DIY slip n’ slide, have your own splashtastic water balloon fight, or just sit and enjoy the sunshine! Need some background music? Pretend you’re poolside at Breakers Bay with the sounds of Minnie and The Saint Pauls.


Take a Virtual Ride

Many of us spend our Memorial Day Weekend at Valleyfair enjoy the countless thrills, and even though that is not possible this year, that doesn't mean you can't experience that stomach-dropping rush from the safety of your home. Cast your favorite ride's POV video on the big screen from our YouTube channel and strap in for a ride from the comfort of your couch. 


Camp in the Backyard

It won't the same as Coaster Campout, but grab your tent and head out the backdoor. You don't have to go too far. Find a nice patch of grass, pitch that tent, and enjoy a night under the stars.

Honor the Troops 

Remember the reason for this special holiday weekend. Be sure to reach out to your local USO chapter to see how you can support the troops. You can also watch Twin Cities PBS Memorial Day program entitled "Always Remember: A Minnesota Tribute to Veterans We've Lost."