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Group Fundraising

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Valleyfair Group Fundraising
Valleyfair Group Fundraising

Group Fundraising

The fun way to earn money for your organization.

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Group Fundraising

Tired of selling candy bars and magazine subscriptions? Valleyfair has a great fundraising program that may work for your non-profit organization. By spending a day working at the park, non-profit organizations can earn money and have fun at the same time!

Valleyfair’s Fundraising program allows non-profit organizations to volunteer as a group at Valleyfair. Groups participate by working in an assigned position in the park. We can accommodate groups ranging in size from five to twenty people. All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age or older.

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How much will we make?

The donation made by Valleyfair will correspond with the number of volunteers in your group. In other words, the more people you have in your group, the more money your organization will earn! Below is a sample of earnings based on group size.  Depending on the day(s) you are interested in, group sizes can be much larger.

Group Size

Minimum Payout




$50 each up to 9 Fundraisers

10 $750

$50 each up to 14 Fundraisers

15 $1000

$50 each up to 19 Fundraisers

20 $1250

$50 each up to 24 Fundraisers

25 $1500

$50 for each additional Fundraiser

* Minimum of 5 Volunteers

** Any fundraising completed by one group on the same weekend is pooled together for payouts. For example, five people on Friday and six people on Saturday will result in a payout for 11 people. 

*** New in 2021: Each volunteer will receive a complimentary ticket to return to the park on another day (for fun!) when you successfully complete your shift and turn in your uniform

When would we be paid?

Your organization should receive the donation check within 2-3 weeks from the date you volunteered.

How long will we have to work?

The shifts available for fundraising vary depending upon the park operating hours, however, most shifts will be 8 - 10 Hour Fundraising Shifts. Fundraisers are scheduled to arrive one hour prior to park opening and scheduled one hour after park close. Depending upon operating hours, there may be multiple fundraising shifts in one day. On-site training will be conducted prior to your shift start.

During your shift, you will be assigned a ½ hour break time. You can bring a bag lunch or you can purchase food in our employee cafeteria. Please be sure to tell your group to consider eating prior to getting to Valleyfair because breaks are usually about 4 hours after the start of a shift. After your shift is completed, your group may go back into the park until closing.

Dress Code Requirements


  • Must be solid tan/khaki or black.
  • No athletic pants, shorts, skirts or leggings are allowed.
  • No rips/tears/holes or distressed/destroyed pants, shorts or skirts are allowed.
  • Shorts and skirts must reach below your fingertips with arms extended at your side. 
  • No cut-off shorts, capris, or cargo style shorts or pants may be worn.


  • Fundraisers should wear tennis shoes, primarily all white or all black, with solid white or black socks.
  • Boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, backless shoes, heels, Sperry’s, or brightly colored shoes are not permitted.


  • FUNdraising groups may wear their organizational/team/group shirt or sweatshirt – if this option is chosen it is highly preferred that shirts and sweatshirts are the same design.
  • No crop-tops, sleeveless, tank tops, mesh shirts, or non-group logos are permitted. 
  • In the event that a group does not wear an organizational shirt or sweatshirt, Valleyfair will provide a food uniform shirt for group members to wear.
  • All shirts must be tucked into pants.

Handbags/backpacks/lose articles:  It is strongly recommended that personal items are left at home or in your car while volunteering in the park. If you need to bring an item with you, fundraising group members are able to utilize lockers in our locker room but will need to bring/provide their own locks to secure belongings as Valleyfair is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

*Additional dress code information will be found in the contract your group leader will receive prior to your fundraising shift.