Valleyfair's New International Festival and Cultural Celebration, Grand Carnivale

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Grand Carnivale
Select Days July 24 - August 8, 2021

Come to Valleyfair on select dates July 24 through August 8 to experience how the world kicks up its heels at our day-to-night, larger-than-life cultural celebration. King Carl Nivale, Queen Cara Nivale, and their Royal Court are your hosts on a worldwide expedition. Visit AWESOME locales far and wide with authentic entertainment, delicious international cuisine, lively games, unique crafts, and traditions from nations spanning the globe.

Take in the extravagant sights and sounds of our nighttime Spectacle of Color Parade, a glittering sensory spectacular of lavish floats, interactive street performers, and pulsing rhythms. As the parade concludes, thunderous music builds to a crescendo and our King and Queen kick off a high-energy celebration filled with animated entertainers, spirited dancing, scrumptious eats and so much more.

Grand Carnivale is an international festival with AWESOME fun for everyone!

The Spectacle of Color Parade

Immerse yourself in the electrifying vibe of our Spectacle of Color Parade, our Grand Carnivale King and Queen’s exhilarating procession of cultural traditions from around the globe. Extravagantly decorated floats, mesmerizing street performers, and pulsing rhythms will enchant and delight spectators of all ages. At several points along the route, we'll pause the parade, and you can join us for dancing, singing, and merrymaking!

Flavors of Carnivale International Cuisine

What pairs best with an international festival? International cuisine!  At Grand Carnivale, not only will you see and hear how the world celebrates, but you'll taste extraordinary food from global cultures. Foodies will rejoice at the wide variety of scrumptious flavors and enchanting aromas. Make sure to grab a Grand Carnivale Tasting Card so you can sample exquisite tastes from around the world!

Live Entertainment

A vibrant variety of thrilling live entertainment awaits at Grand Carnivale. The King and Queen of Grand Carnivale have searched the world to bring you the finest acts of international music, dancing, acrobatics and much more. In some shows, you can join our talented performers in the fun. Everywhere you turn at this cultural celebration, you'll find something amazing!

There's Even More to See And Do!

Entertainment Schedule

The King and Queen of Grand Carnivale, accompanied by their Royal Court and a cavalcade of musical splendor, kick-off of this larger-than-life celebration!

The Royal Court has traversed land and sea to discover the most spectacular acts from cultures around the world. Join them for a showcase of captivating performances where you’ll experience the Sound, the Taste and the Mystery of Carnivale in breath-taking, unexpected ways!

Join world-famous DJ Archie Alto for a high-energy dance party! This your chance to mix and mingle with the members of the Royal Court, who will be out and about tossing handfuls of glittering beads.

Kick the party into high gear and dance along with members of the Royal Court as they perform the Queen’s favorite hits live on stage!

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the Spectacle of Color Parade, a fanciful fusion of extravagantly decorated floats, whimsical street performers and pulsing rhythms of cultures worldwide. Line up along any of the parade route Show Stops for an opportunity to dance and interact with the performers as they pass by.

As the parade concludes, gear up for the grandest celebration of all! Join the Carnivale King and Queen, DJ Archie Alto, and the Regal Rhythms for high-energy music, dancing in the streets, and delicious food and drinks from around the world.