MaSCAREade Haunted Attractions at Halloween Haunt

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ValleySCARE is SOLD OUT for Friday & Saturday, Oct. 29-30.


Keep a lookout throughout the night because at this masquerade everyone has something to hide. During the day, kids will be greeted by friendly 18th Century royalty attending their masquerade ball. Once the sun goes down, however, the royalty and their guests will be transformed and their true forms will be shown.

Dark horrors await you as you enter the world of masked madness at this frightening haunted attraction. The deep dark world behind the centuries-old tradition is revealed with extreme horror and gore. Located on the Midway, wander through this elegant labyrinth and be sure to stay close to your friends or you may find yourself stuck in a timeless loop of beauty and fear. Mix and mingle with the crème de la crème of society but beware; sometimes the mask is there for a reason…