Undertakers Haunted Maze at Halloween Haunt in Minneapolis

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ValleySCARE is SOLD OUT for Friday & Saturday, Oct. 29-30.


The wandering souls of Blood Creek Cemetery have found their final resting place in Valleyfair’s newest haunted maze, Undertakers. They've been haunting the cemetery for years, but now they are searching for new souls to add to their graveyard. Have you ever wondered what will happen after you die? You can find out as you journey through the stages of death. Mausoleums, headstones, and coffins line the horrifying maze — hiding demonic villains who can jump out any moment.

Take care to ensure you make it out alive and watch out for the Undertaker himself who has been sighted roaming the grounds. Ghosts have risen from below and roam searching for fresh souls. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to face them dead-on. Distant screams can be heard echoing throughout the graveyard from those already found by the evil army. Watch your back, because there is always a reason to be scared of the dark.