Enjoy a Fun School Field Trip at Valleyfair's Education Days!

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Education Days

2021 Dates To Be Announced Soon!

Doubling as an outdoor classroom, Valleyfair brings learning to life. Education Days provides students with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of science, engineering, mathematics, and more in a unique learning environment that is interactive and fun. Education Days curriculum has been carefully designed by teachers for teachers to align with Minnesota Science and STEM Academic Standards as well as National Science Standards.

Get here early because exclusive ride time for schools begins at 9:30 AM during Education Days! 

Chaperone Lounge

Teachers and chaperones can take advantage of the VIP lounge while students immerse themselves in Education Days.  Enjoy light refreshments, complimentary Wi-Fi, and more in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.  Grade papers, work on lesson plans, or just sit back in this exclusive area while students do their fieldwork.  

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When arriving at Valleyfair, please stay in the far right-hand lane and proceed to the toll booth. Parking is free for full-size buses with 15 or more passengers (not including the bus driver). Large vans or minibusses will be assessed a parking fee. Buses must park in the designated bus parking area in the northern parking lot adjacent to pick-up and drop-off parking. At times, the bus lot can fill up; in this case, buses will likely be directed by parking lot associates and/or Security staff on where to park. If the bus is merely dropping off your group and not staying in the lot all day, your bus will need to park where buses are being directed to park at that time, unload, and then exit. At no time are buses allowed to park in or near the fire lane in front of the plaza, regardless if you are dropping off your group or simply parking. Encourage your group to take note of where the bus is parked so they may find the bus at the end of their visit.


Drivers of buses carrying 15 or more passengers will receive a courtesy pass valid on the date of the event from the toll booth associate. The bus driver will need to bring the courtesy pass to Guest Services and present his or her valid CDL to redeem the courtesy pass for an admission ticket. Only one bus driver courtesy pass is issued per bus and is only valid on the day the bus arrives (date on receipt).


View information on Valleyfair's group payment policies.


Accelerometers WILL BE permitted on the following rides:

  • Bumper Cars
  • Carousel
  • Enterprise
  • Excalibur
  • Ferris Wheel
  • High Roller
  • Mad Mouse
  • Renegade
  • RipTide
  • Scrambler
  • Steel Venom
  • Wave

Electronic Accelerometers used in conjunction with a data vest WILL BE permitted on the following rides:

  • Corkscrew
  • Power Tower
  • Wild Thing
  • Xtreme Swing

For safety reasons, Valleyfair will only allow accelerometers that meet the following guidelines.

Non-Electronic Hand-Held Accelerometer

  • Must be a simple-spring or horizontal accelerometer made of lightweight, non-breakable material.
  • Simple-spring or horizontal accelerometer must be small enough to not interfere with the riders’ ability to safely ride the ride and must be secured to the rider. Riders must be able to hold on to restraints with both hands at all times.
  • Accelerometers must have a wrist strap and have the ability to be secured for the duration of the ride.

Electronic and Phone App Accelerometers

  • Electronic accelerometers (including phone app software) will only be permitted when used in conjunction with a data vest accessory.
  • If your school or organization would like to supply and utilize a data vest for your students, it must be inspected and approved by Valleyfair prior to being allowed on the listed attractions. Please make your requests for approval to our sales team prior to arrival at the park.
  • Vests must have the ability to secure the accelerometer or data device in a pocket and fastened with Velcro, a button or zipper.
  • Vest must fit securely to the participant and must not interfere with the proper function of the restraint system.
  • Vests must be secured on the rider before boarding the ride unit and the data device must be activated prior to the locking of the restraint.

In order to facilitate the use of accelerometers and provide each rider with the safest ride possible, accelerometers that do not meet these guidelines, will not be allowed on any ride. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!