Steel Venom

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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Duration: 1 minute
Height Requirement: Between 52 and 78 inches
Manufacturer: Intamin AG
Speed: 68 mph

  • Steel Venom is a single twist impulse coaster with a U-shaped steel tubular track.
  • More than 600 feet of track with the highest point at 185 feet and a drop of 175 feet.
  • Angle of twist: 360 degrees.
  • Riders reach a top speed of 68 mph after being launched forward and backwards:      
                         First launch (forward) - approximately 55 mph
                         Second launch (backward) - approximately 55 mph 
                         Third launch (forward) - approximately 68 mph 
                         Fourth launch (backward) - approximately 68 mph 
                         Fifth launch (forward) - approximately 62 mph


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