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Blood Drums

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Blood Drums at ValleySCARE's Halloween Event

NEW! Blood Drums

Get ready for an explosive apocalyptic blend of high-energy percussion, music, blood, rhythm and sparks! Deep inside of ValleySCARE, the apocalyptic sounds of Blood Drums rule the night with an explosive blend of percussion that will leave you in the wake of its heavy beats. Featuring a mixture of heavy junkyard grunge and raw rhythms, these pounding beats are sure to get your heart pumping fast enough for vampires to hear from miles away. Blood Drums performs at Gazebo Stage, which makes their sound resonate throughout the park. The show is full of energy with each percussionist switching instruments and making use of impromptu drumming while the DJ adds its own spin on the turntable. The pulsating power of this drum troupe will mesmerize and energize you in this percussive blood bath of rhythm, music and sights. These bloodsucking drummers will provide the perfect mixture of music to be the soundtrack of your nightmares.