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CarnEvil: Ringmaster's Revenge

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Carnevil: Ringmaster's Revenge at ValleySCARE's Halloween Event

Carnevil: Ringmaster's Revenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls you have seen the rest now step right up and experience the best. Enter a world where the extraordinary comes to life and your worst nightmares will seem like a pleasant dream. The clowns have escaped their maze and now roam the walkways within ValleySCARE. Under the Ringmaster's control, these colorful yet demented sideshow freaks bring everyone's inner fears to life. Mayhem takes over everything and everyone, as the clowns scour the streets beckoning you to join the carnival. Amused by fear, these clowns feed off the terror of passersby. They don’t want to make you laugh, they want to make you scream! Beware, if you make eye contact, you just might fall for this act. These deranged clowns and freaks taunt those who trespass their territory. Maniacal laughter rings through the air and all you can do is hope the joke isn’t on you.

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