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Zombie High: In The Dark

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Zombie High at ValleySCARE's Halloween Event

NEW! Zombie High: In The Dark

The infection started as a high school science project gone bad. A slight fog hung above the hardwood floors and echoes of pain bounced off the walls. A simple experiment led to an outbreak that would cover the world in days. No one was prepared for the chaos that ensued - the dead were no longer dead and no one was safe. Welcome to where it all started...welcome to the last school that you will ever attend. Valley High School has been overrun with zombies. The power has completely gone out and there are no lights in the entire school. The only thing you and your friends have to get through alive is a flashlight. Try to remain unbitten as you snake your way through haunted halls and creepy classrooms. Stay cautious - the walking dead students aren't ready to let you graduate...ALIVE! Can you make it through this black out maze with just a flashlight to guide you? It's true what they say - high school never ends.

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