Valleyfair's Newest Ride - North Star

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North Star – Valleyfair’s Newest Ride

Valleyfair |
May 22, 2017

Valleyfair is thrilled to welcome newest ride addition for 2017, North Star! Adding to the park skyline as the second tallest ride (second only to the 275-foot Power Tower), North Star is a 230-foot-tall tower that will spin riders more than 20 stories above the ground. As the ride gets started, riders will slowly begin rotating in a circular motion, eventually reaching speeds of up to 40 mph as the swings ascend and descend the tower. North Star features 32 side-by-side seats suspended by chains, allowing riders’ feet to dangle and making it the perfect ride for couples and friends!

Located near the Amphitheater, North Star is named to celebrate the region’s affinity to being “up north” and the great outdoors. The only ride of this kind in the upper Midwest, North Star serves as a beacon to guide and greet guests on their journey to the park, living up to its name.

North Star is definitely a ride for height lovers, so we also recommend jumping on Power Tower, the tallest ride in the park) for a three-tower ride experience that gives you a choice – start at the top and thrust downward in free fall or rocket up 250 feet. Either way, you’re bound to feel the power with a speed of 50 mph in 3 seconds. Only FAA height regulations kept Power Tower from being even taller.

Rides reach speeds exceeding 50 mph in 3 seconds.

For those who are especially thrilled by the swing aspect of North Star, check out Xtreme Swing, the Upper Midwest's largest swing set. The structure itself is 100 feet high, but riders reach heights of 125 feet above the midway, swinging through the air at 60 mph. With room for up to 20 riders, this swing is a favorite for any playground enthusiasts.

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