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Valleyfair Full-Time Staff at America's Roller Coast

Kelsey Megard |
September 30, 2020

Although Valleyfair was unable to open this year, the coaster tracks are rolling in Ohio, which is precisely where you can find some friendly Twin Cities-based associates this Fall.

Valleyfair full-time associates answered the rallying call to assist at Cedar Point for their brand-new Tricks or Treats Fall Fest event. The team loaded up their cars and hit the road, eager to return to the theme park environment.

There's no better way to learn about our team members' experience than by reading them firsthand.


Rachel Wingard - Youth Events Account Manager

Temporarily living and working in Sandusky has provided the unique opportunity to meet fellow Cedar Fair employees that I likely wouldn't have ever crossed paths with otherwise. It might be an overused phrase at this point, but we're all in this together. Seeing so many employees from across the country with different responsibilities come together with one common goal is telling of this company's culture.

I'm working Food and Beverage at Cedar Point. My first weekend, I was scooping Dippin' Dots, but the next weekend the foods team promoted me to Señor Vargas, the walking taco stand.

There's something uniquely energizing about working in an amusement park, and it's been a huge adjustment this summer not to have that. From the excitement leading up to opening day to the sounds of a busy summer day at Valleyfair as the background noise for my workday—working from home doesn't quite have the same energy I'm accustomed to.

It's a fun experience to work in a park with the culture of Valleyfair, but three times the size. Though when you have to walk from one end of the park to the other at work, I prefer the size of Valleyfair.

It's so simple, but I can't wait to see guests return to Valleyfair. After working at Cedar Point, it's heartbreaking to return to a quiet and empty Valleyfair. We had such a fantastic season lined up for our guests this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing that come to fruition in 2021.


Jim Smith - Aquatics & Park Services Manager

 I am working in rides at Magnum-XL 200 THE ORIGINAL HYPER COASTER, and I appreciate the passion the associates of Cedar Point have for their jobs. They strive to exhibit all five cornerstones and ensure guests leave having the best experience possible at the ride. I also love the opportunity to get out and work at another park. It broadens my experience within the Cedar Fair company.
 As we work throughout the weekends, we get to know other management members throughout Cedar Fair, which is also another fantastic networking opportunity!
Cedar Point is a much bigger park! Even though every amusement park is different, it was exciting to learn about their leadership structure and how they operate because they have a larger footprint to cover. Since Valleyfair is smaller, management works closely together and is more involved in one another's operations. We are a close-knit team, which is why I love Valleyfair! Cedar Point has a more extensive operation with quite a bit more ground to cover, so it is very understandable that more staff members in each department.
 I have missed the opportunity to enhance the aquatics and park services operations at Valleyfair this season and support other departments at the park. It will feel great to have that opportunity again! I've been having a lot of fun at Cedar Point, but I can't wait to get back to Valleyfair and work with my amazing coworkers.


Josh Sandy - Sales Coordinator 

I love the adrenaline! I've been missing the rush of the park being open all season long, so it's been nice to feel that rush again. 

I have found myself working in multiple locations toward the front of the Cedar Point. I began at the Rita Cabana, serving ice-cold beer. I then did something even colder… served Dippin' Dots, which was my favorite location. Everyone is just so happy to get ice cream! The final place I worked in was Hot Potato, a French fry stand with so many toppings. My mouth was watering all day!

I miss seeing how happy families are to spend quality time together at the park. There is just an extra energy level during a beautiful summer day at Valleyfair. 

Cedar Point is HUGE! The Roller Coast has an insane amount of giant coasters throughout the park. The one downside, there is also a lot less hotdish in Ohio. 

Working in Group Sales, I think we have many pleasant surprises for groups coming out to Valleyfair next year. The pavilions have a few upgrades that will enhance the experience, and after 2020, the people deserve that!


Meg Reisenberg - Admissions & Guest Services Manager 

I am working in Rides in Kiddy Kingdom. It's been a lot of fun getting to learn something new from my typical job! I love getting to spend back time in the park with guests and associates. The atmosphere of an amusement park is something special!
 Cedar Point's size and volume are massive! Just walking into the park is different! Working in operations at Valleyfair, I get to know many of the associates and supervisors not only in our division but across the park. Both are unique in their own way.

 I have missed my team and the community Valleyfair creates this year. When we come together, we create something great. I am already looking forward to next year and the enhancements we'll make!
 I am excited to be reunited with my team and continue to work together back at Valleyfair. It's been a tough year not getting to see everyone regularly.



If you are visiting Cedar Point this Fall, be sure to keep an eye out for the Minnesota transplants. You can find the Valleyfair team scattered throughout the park working in ride and food locations.